com2 Translations was started in Belo Horizonte in August 2002 to meet the needs of large technical translation agencies based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. As time went by, we moved our focus to the foreign market. Nowadays, 95% of our clients are based in Europe and the USA, and they bring us all types of projects, from a wide variety of knowledge fields. We are still a small agency, with a great vocation: to provide services marked by the character of professionals who make a difference. Antonio Selvaggi – technical and literary translator since 1985 – manages the company and sets out strategic partnerships with other experienced and knowledgeable translators, proofreaders and consultants to handle special and/or large scale projects. Our mission is to deliver quality, timely, and fair-priced translated texts to the market. We are organized, responsible and creative people, and have been working hard to raise the quality of communication between peoples.

com2 – your best com port between two languages!